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City of Janesville Receives Complaints Over Loose Carts

The City of Janesville says that they have received complaints about waste and recycling collection carts. The city says that the majority of these reports center around the carts being left in the street after collection. The City is sharing information in regards to an ordinance that they are seeking compliance with. Property owners who receive collection from the city, must have carts from the city. These carts must be placed on the curb at least three feet apart and away from any obstacles that would prevent collection. Carts should be placed curbside no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 7 AM on the day of collection and must be removed by the end of your scheduled collection day. All solid waste and recyclables must be fully contained. Finally, residents are asked to clean out the inside of their carts to eliminate odors. More information is available on the City of Janesville website.

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