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City of Janesville Awards 2022 Sustainable Janesville Award

According to an update from the City of Janesville, Nathan Dombeck and Michael Jesiolowski are the recipients of the 2022 Sustainable Janesville Award. The purpose of the Sustainable Janesville Awards is to reward, recognize, and promote innovation and leadership in sustainability by businesses, community groups, and individual residents of the City of Janesville.

Dombeck was selected for litter pick-up events he has organized in the community over the last few years. These events have resulted in the collection of hundreds of bags of trash, keeping the waste out of natural areas and waterways. Dombeck has also led public education efforts focusing on climate change and other environmental issues using social media and local publications.

Michael Jesiolowski was selected for leading the “Go Green Initiatives” at the Botanical Gardens. These initiatives include recommending sustainable actions to conserve energy and reduce the amount of waste generated at the facility, transitioning from gas to battery-powered tools, transitioning from annual to perennial plants, avoiding the use of phosphate-rich fertilizers, and using alternatives to chemicals in the gardens.

If you have any questions on this award, call the City Environmental Technician, Matt Robinson at (608) 373-6035.

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