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City of Fort Atkinson Looking to Partner with Real Estate Developers

According to a press release from the City of Fort Atkinson, they own a 75.6-acre greenfield site located along Banker Rd. and are seeking to partner with experienced real estate developers to build out the City’s approved residential Neighborhood Plan. The acceptance period runs through April 1, 2022. The city’s goals with developing the neighborhood are to provide a wide range of housing units at various price points and to attract new residents to the community. The City is looking for developers willing to commit to a reasonable implementation schedule, a development plan that maintains much of the intended feel and quality of the Neighborhood Plan, and a reasonable expectation for return on investment. The mutual commitment of both the City and developer will be solidified in a Development Agreement between the two parties. Construction on the subdivision is expected to begin by the spring of 2023. Developers interested in the project should visit

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