Carnival Worker Sentenced to 115.5 Years in Prison

The carnival worker who sexually assaulted a woman after hitting her in the head with a hammer was sentenced in Walworth County Court Monday. Terrence Leflore was sentenced to 115.5 years in prison, he had been working with Midway entertainment in 2018 when he was arrested in August 2018 when police started the investigation into the assault. Family members found the 21 year old woman in her car after she didn’t come home from work, they saw a man fleeing from her vehicle as they approached. Leflore plead guilty to sexual assault and attempted robbery on Dec 5th as part of a plea deal with several other charges dismissed. The victim suffered significant injuries requiring multiple surgeries, a portion of her skull was removed to alleviate brain swelling, facial scarring, nose damage, a shoulder injury and bruises and abrasions all over her body. The Judge said the victim received some of the worst injuries he’s seen while on the bench and said he would not support any future pardon or early release program.

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