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BREAKING: 2021 Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast Cancelled

According to a statement, the Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast for 2021 has been cancelled. Amy Listle, the director of the Fair Park said that while the 2020 drive-thru event was a success, adjusting the date from May to August gave officials hope that the event could be held in-person.

"we have encountered many obstacles which are proving to be very challenging to overcome in order to produce the successful community and promotional event we have all come to expect and enjoy" Listle said.

Listle also said that the event is short staffed and many supplies have gone up in cost or are not available.

"The last thing we want to host is an event which does not meet the promotional goals or fundraising expectations of our events participants and community partners".

The 2022 Dairy Breakfast is currently in the planning stages and intends to return to its usual May date. Refunds for the 2021 Dairy Breakfast can be picked up by returning tickets to the Fair Park offices at 503 N Jackson Avenue in Jefferson, between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM. Any revenue from tickets that are not refunded will be turned into a donation towards the scholarship and grants fund.

"Fair Park officials are still exploring philanthropic ways to continue with funding annual scholarships and grants without a 2021 fundraising event" Listle said.

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