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Beloit School District Send Cease & Desist Letter to Former Employee

The Beloit School district has sent a letter demanding the Former Superintendent Stanley Monroe to cease and desist from contacting staff. Munroe resigned on January 16th following complaints filed against him alleging he created a hostile workplace. Monroe has been contacting district personnel seeking information about the new administration but the communication is interfering with district personnel’s ability to perform their job. The complaint demanded Munro stop contacting former coworkers and from seeking anything from the district outside the terms of his resignation agreement. One of the complaints stated that Monroe asked staff to destroy public records which could be referred to the district attorney but the shcool board said they would not do so. An Agreement was reached with the employees who filed the complaints, by signing the settlement they agree to seek no further action or investigation into the complaint, they not make any statements against the district regarding the complaint and will pay up to $5000 thousand dollars in attorney fees.

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