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Beloit School Board to Hold School Reopening Hearing

The Beloit School Board voted to hold a public hearing later this month on reopening schools. The BDN reports that The meeting will take place on Sunday, February 21 from 2-4 PM and will be held at the Kolak Education Center. Board members heard a presentation during Tuesday night’s meeting on how schools will operate once they reopen. A decision will be made on February 23 on general reopening for Term 4, which begins in April. The current proposal has students split into groups, with Group A coming the first half of the week, and Group B the second half. There will also be an option to remain in distance learning. Families picking up or dropping off students would not be allowed to enter buildings. Busing capacity would be 24 students per bus and social distancing and masks would be required. Self-transportation is being encouraged.