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Beloit School Board Postpones In-person Learning Decision

The Beloit School Board has voted to postpone the decision on returning to hybrid learning. As the Beloit Daily News reported, the school board will eventually decide on the learning platform for Term 4, which begins in April. The school board meeting that began at 7 PM on Tuesday went until almost 2 AM Wednesday until it was unanimously decided to send the recommendations for learning back to interim superintendent Dan Keyser. A vote on in-person sports and extracurricular activities would be on January 26th, but no timeline on voting on school reopening has been decided. During the hours long meeting, Board members received an email from Board President Kyle Larsen that he was resigning from his post with immediate effect. No reason for his resignation was given. Keyser’s proposed model would split children into groups with each group coming into the school for half the week.

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