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Beloit Police Officer Injured In Dog Attack, Dog Shot And Killed

Beloit Police had to shoot a dog after an incident over the weekend. Beloit Police say around 6:15 PM Friday, police responded for a loose dog. Police were informed that the dog had bit another dog and had cornered a citizen and was being highly aggressive. Officers arrived in the area and the dog reportedly charged police. The officer attempted to use a kicking motion to get the dog away. Animal Control was also called in. The officer monitored the dog from a distance and noticed a second dog now part of the incident. The other dog then ran across the street, charging the officer who then mimicked a kicking motion to get the dog away. The dog bit the officer, who then as a last resort for their safety, fired their service weapon, killing the dog. The officer was taken to the ER to be treated for their wounds. Beloit Police say the officers are trained to only use their weapon as a last resort, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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