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Beloit Police Continue To Battle Car Thefts UPDATE New Information

Beloit Police are investigating two separate theft incidents. The department says they have four juveniles as suspects after stolen cars from Rockford and Edgerton were recovered in Beloit. One vehicle is a blue Nissan Pathfinder that was stolen in the 500 block of Vernon with license plate 688RKB. A bike from the suspect of one of the thefts was also recovered between Portland and Moore and police believe it too is also stolen. The suspect in that case was a juvenile and has been arrested. Call 608-757-2244 if you have any information on any of these cases.

UPDATE Beloit Police provided new information on these thefts on Tuesday morning. Police say the vehicle that was stolen from Edgerton matched the description of a vehicle that was being used to aid in other thefts around the area. A vehicle was also reported stolen from the 500 block of Vernon Avenue and four subjects were reported in the car. The vehicle crashed around a half hour later in the 2100 block of Portland Avenue. There was one occupant in the car at the time of the crash and the subject fled the scene on foot. Police received numerous eyewitness videos and was able to locate the subject in the 700 block of Moore. The suspect was a juvenile and was placed into custody on multiple charges. A bike the suspect was using was likely stolen and was recovered.

Beloit Police say they cannot confirm that these are the same subjects that were seen pulling on car doors, but they have reason to believe and that call remains under investigation.

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