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Beloit Man Faces Homicide Charges

A Beloit man will face homicide charges after he struck and killed his friend while driving intoxicated on March 8th according to court records. Gregory Wortham was arrested for operating while intoxicated first offense after striking and pinning the victim under a vehicle on Randall street. Firefighters had to manually lift the SUV off of the victim so paramedics could pull him from under the vehicle. The victim was transported to the hospital and placed in intensive care, he died a little over a week later. Wortham told officers he had been drinking and he was going to drop the victim off. Wortham had also been driving without a license because his was suspended for 6 months back in February. Charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and knowingly operating a motor vehicle causing death while suspended were filed in Rock County Court and Wortham has his initial court appearance on April 16th.

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