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Beloit City Council Narrows Down February Voting Locations

At the Monday night Beloit City Council Meeting, the board decided that the usual nine open polling locations in the February 15 election will be condensed to two locations due to historically low voter turnout when there is only one contest on the ballot. In this election, there is one contest on the ballot for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. One polling location will be on the west side at the Beloit Historical Society for residents who typically vote in wards 1-12, and one polling location on the east side at Central Christian Church for voters who typically vote in wards 13-23. All absentee ballots will be processed on one machine at City Hall by the Municipal Board of Absentee Canvassers. The last time polling locations were combined in Beloit was in February of 2020, and it ultimately saved the city $8 thousand.

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