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Beloit City Council Approves Submission for Grant Along with Ho-Chunk Nation

At the Monday evening Beloit City Council meeting, they approved a submission of an application along with the Ho-Chunk Nation for a Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grant for the capacity expansion of Colley Rd. and Willowbrook Rd. The existing Cooperative Agreement provides a mechanism for the Ho-Chunk Nation to participate with the City for local funding requirements of these improvements through the use of Tribal Transportation Program funds and funds associated with the Intergovernmental Agreement. If the grant is approved, Colley Rd. would be improved from Willowbrook Rd. to Gateway Blvd. to a four-lane urban section. Willowbrook Rd. would be improved to a four-lane urban section from Stateline Rd. to Milwaukee Rd. The grant would be in the amount of $2.25 billion, with a required match of $4.4 million from the Ho-Chunk Nation and the City of Beloit.

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