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Badger High School Referendum Worded

The Lake Geneva-Genoa City Union School District approved the wording of two referendum questions set for the April 6th election. The referendum was approved back on December 14th, but according to the LGRN, the wording was approved on Monday for the referendum. The referendum is seeking funding to improve Badger High School with costs in the $6 million range. The school board also unanimously decided to sell up to $6 million in obligation bonds, should the referendum be approved. The second referendum would allow revenue limits to be exceeded by $750,000 a year and would be used to help for technology and safety upgrade at the high school, as well as enhancing education programs. The wording for that referendum was also approved by the school board. The district superintendent says he is seeking a committee to help promote the two referendums with under three months until the election.

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