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Airman Miller's Family Releases Statement After Return Home

The Evansville Police Department has posted to its Facebook page a statement from the family of Airman 2nd Class Edward Miller, who was returned home to Evansville after being missing in action for 70 years. A funeral was held on Saturday after an escort to bring him home. The entire statement from A2C Miller’s family will be shared below.

Evansville Police also thank various different agencies for their help in the escort.

The statement on behalf of the family reads as follows: "On behalf of A2C Edward John Miller and his family, we want to thank everyone involved with his return to Evansville. All law enforcement agencies, Fire and Ambulances services, Vets Roll, Patriot Riders, United States Air Force, and everyone who lined the roads and streets on his return route to Evansville. You all have made his return to Evansville a very special homecoming for him and his family. He will finally be laid to rest next to his parents after more than 60 years. Thank you for making this such a special time for all of our families. "

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