A Lake Geneva Man Charged With Abuse of Two Young Girls

A Lake Geneva man has been charged in connection with alleged abuse of two young girls. Colin Hoagland coaxed the girls into a private place with candy, then exposed himself, he allegedly fondled the girls, showed them pornographic videos and offered them money to do a naked fashion show, the alleged victims were 7 and 11 years old. Hoagland is facing three counts of first degree child sexual assault, trafficking of a child, attempted child sexual assault, exposing genitals and causing a child to view sexual activity amond other charges. Each charge of first degree child sexual assault carries a potential max penalty of 60 years in prison and the Walworth county DA issued a 13 count criminal complaint which if found guilty Hoagland could face a combined 400 year prison sentence. He has no prior criminal history and is due back in court on June 12th.

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