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74 Year Old Man Appears in Court on Child Pornography Charges

A 74 year old man appeared in Jefferson County Circuit court for a status conference Monday. Daniel Renner is accused of sharing videos of his sexual activity with a 15 year old boy and is charged with one count of child pornography. The charges stem from a message he sent over Facebook in April of 2019 which contained the video. The messages were flagged in December by the National center for missing and exploited children and sent on to police, they also found nude photos of Renner on the boys phone. Renner was arrested on Jan 5th after a search warrant was executed at his home. A cash bond was set at 10 thousand dollars with conditions that he surrender his passport, not leave the country and have no contact with the victim or any minor. If convicted Renner faces 25 years in prison and a 100 thousand dollar fine, a preliminary hearing is set for April 7th.

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