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Welcome back to the WSLD blog!  We’re talking about some of our favorite things from childhood that we still get nostalgic for! 


Rachel remembers going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid, and loved going there so much that she was inspired to work there as her first job in high school!  She still feels nostalgic about it sometimes, and was very sad when she learned that the robots were being phased out. 


Crystal talked about going roller skating a lot as a kid.  She said that as a kid she loved the smell of the roller rink and the memories associated with it, but as an adult has come to realize that the smell is just sweaty feet, and roller skating as an adult is actually a little frightening! 


Nora talked about how going to McDonald's as a kid was always a treat, because the closest one was half an hour away from her house.  She always got excited about the toys in the happy meal, and her favorite happy meal toy was the Ronald McDonald stuffed animal! 


Trey went to the swimming pool a lot as a kid, and enjoyed it so much that he was a competitive swimmer for a while!  


What places or activities did you enjoy as a kid that you have fond memories of?  Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat!

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